Experiences, Ideas, work

Neustále realizujeme naše nápady.

We realize visions

Programming and development is our passion, even though we sometimes give in and we do not even see the monitor. It does not take a long time :-), and again we tap on the keys.

Several projects came spontaneously, some as a market demand, or we just could not look at what people use in practice. Still, technology has people to serve and help!

We perceive the current situation as a mix of a great number of great ideas that can not even be implemented in real time.

We code the software from the first line and we are each creator of each of our products.

Viliam Abosi

Viliam Aboši
Sotfware architect

Jarosla Cizmar

Jaroslav Čižmár
Project leader

Lukas Struk

Lukáš Struk
App project leader

Michal Stelmak

Michal Štelmák

David Horvath

Dávid Horváth
App programmer

Tibor Brič